Our Statement

ECUMENE emerges from the need of following and sharing together the same path at this particular moment of our history, when we are strongly forced to be separated.
A human’s life is social: we all have the biological and psychological need to be among other human beings and to share. Ignoring the natural instinct of sharing could be dangerous, but if fulfilled, it can lead to strong creative actions.

During this period of insecurities, all of us have hung invisible question marks on the walls of our homes; homes where we are closed, where we continue to live, to resist, to search.
These homes are scattered in different corners of the planet; through them we create a luminous net among us and suddenly we cancel the concept of borders.

Right now we are all inside the same big house, inside a closed museum or inside that house by the sea that we all dreamed about as the last chance for salvation during the end of the world. In the same time, most of us also find themselves in front of the screen of a smartphone or a computer, with internet access. We could talk with each other in order to not forget what we are feeling and thinking now. Reflecting and documenting. Not forgetting.

History has taught us many times not to do so.

Art has always been an absolute process of sharing, starting from the artist him/herself. Since the creation of the art system, we’ve been risking to forget this aspect of it and to lose the importance of art as a crucial part of our existence.

This virtual residence doesn’t want to function as a critic, but still wants to distance itself from certain categorizations of the art system which we find suffocating for the artist and also other components of the art scene in general. We’d like to propose a convivium, or (just to make a historical reference because it is important not to forget) a Salon.

Through the meeting possibilities powered by technology, we will be able to see each other, to discuss and most of all to create together. We will try to leave a trace, but also to create a flow that resembles the fresh memory of a child. Our virtual meeting space will be updated day by day, so we can keep on feeding each other, while still being inside of our homes.

Nonetheless, this space remains open to the public so it can serve as source of inspiration and research and we do not exclude that this project might take a diverse form through time; in fact this will be also part of our common creative process – this is also what we believe that stands at the core of the power of creation: transformation.