Art should be an open space: without borders. It should not create walls and obstacles, instead, it should be an energetic area providing inputs to everyone. In ECUMENE we do not perceive art as a sect, but as an universal dialogue. We do not see art as a place of individual complacency; it should not enrich the ego, but the community. Art should be a collective thought, able to move values and souls. 

Artist is one who communicates and creates possibilities of dialogue even where they may seem impossible. In this dialogue, it’s important to listen as much as it is to reply. The spectator should experience, the experience should help the knowledge, the knowledge should stimulate the thought, the thought should bring to actions. Knowledge happens through experience. This is why art should happen in the most partecipative way and become a sort of event, a shared moment of sharing itself, like a ritual. 

Today art is trapped in anonymous white walls; poorly diminished in just one action: the contemplative one. The contemplation of art has always been a fundamental part of it but art cannot be limited only to this because art is a sharing experience. 

Artist is one who donates to the other another moment of eternity. Art should scream, protest, dance, sing, share, tell secrets and create permanent instants.

Art is free.